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Christian Engel

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I met Christian Engel at my Sunday workout activities at the gym. I already saw him there a thousand times before and I really enjoyed it every time if I had the possibility to take a deep look at this gay muscle man in the dressing room.

I started to talk with him and he told me, that he won a well-known muscle jock contest yesterday. He asked me, if I could shoot some photos of him in his hotel room so he could sell this nude muscle man pictures them to several magazines. For sure I accepted his offer because I know that this was my only chance to get closer to him. During the photo shoot there was a special atmosphere and it didn’t take long as we reached the point were we threw the camera in the corner and started to kiss each other and suck each other’s cocks. That was the beginning of the night of my dreams and I prayed that it would never end…a click on the images will show you what a naked hunk has to offer to a normal guy like me.


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  1. mate on November 7th, 2007 2:23 am

    hi, is that true that u have sex with christian? As i know he is not gay because he has a son and a girlfriend. Is you’re writing all a fantasy or true?

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