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Are you looking for handsome men with competitive muscular bodies who like to pose and flex with confidence?! Then check out these 6 musclemen of the famous porn site – They are eager to show off their wonderful bodies and to please you when you crave for musclemen’s cocks and butts! What are you […]

Muscle hunk Kurt Beckmann is only 22 year old and he is already packed with big muscle. Did you know that Kurt is a bodybuilder, gymnast and all around athlete?! Talented as what we called this German guy who was first referred by another German muscle hunk of the site! Kurt got a few jaw-dropping […]

Hot muscle stud Yakov Mukileck of Romania has a powerful muscle body and he is silent. One time when we followed him after his brutal workout at one of the gyms of Romania, he made an intriguing smile. We asked him what his smile means. He said his opponent are very small unlike him who […]

Kai Greene is one of the biggest and toughest muscleshunks of MH. He stands 5ft 11 inches tall and weighs 200lbs. During daytime, he strolls around the streets of Miami wearing his favorite upper outfit that shows his beautiful muscled chest. At nighttime, he does private strip shows for rich people. Flexing, posing and jerking […]

Bruno Formansky is seen inside the big house of a rich man in Rio de Janeiro. Walking around the huge place wearing a hot white jock! He is up to something that we need to find out! Imagine his big arms and his big muscled chest pressed against your body, hmm… I bet you will […]

Watch boss Ben Johnson as he strips down to just a black jock, showing tantalizing rock-hard competitive muscle, and round n’ hard glutes on top of the boardroom table when he realizes he’s being watched by his employees! Ben works on his dick until squirting a thick load all over the boardroom table! Please go […]

Check out the newest model of MH “Anatoly Demidov”, an Eastern European pride. With an angelic face, incredible muscle body and performing like there is no tomorrow. Anatoly is a worthy addition to the world’s largest studio! He will not only impress you with his looks and his breath-talking muscles but also with his sexual […]

By popular demand, Latino muscle stud Roberto Bueno is back at PowerMen. He just keeps getting bigger! With pecks and arms so firm and round, you just want to reach out and feel them. We followed Roberto as he was touring the big house of a wealthy sponsor who put him up and gave him […]

Anton Button is a good looking young man who has an impressive muscled body. He admitted that he loves hanging around with the handsome bodybuilders of MH. Just thinking of the flexing and posing he does with them always gets him off! Watch this muscle hunk fingering his cute butthole as he dreams of big, […]

Follow this strong  muscleman into the shower room and watch his naked body packed with muscles.  Lex is such a handsome guy and I love everything about him:  His green eyes, his kissable lips, broad shoulders, big muscle chest, his muscled  ass  and  his monstrous meaty cock! I haven’t  seen such a hot guy before! […]

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