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Frank DeFeo
Frank De Feo
Frank DeFeo nude
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Frank DeFeo is a 23 years old gay muscle man. He is working as a bodybuilder, power lifter and personal trainer for about more than 10 years until today. He started to form his naked muscle body with the age of 14. After a short time he realized that bodybuilding was what he wanted to do. He began to do his workout every day and night and not long after, he entered his first competition where he placed first. As he grew up he became a real muscle stud. From that time on he worked harder and harder and became one of the best bodybuilders in the world.


But Frank has more to offer then just his muscle packs. His nickname “Tank” was given for him because of his enormous power when he throws you on your bed and start to have some muscle sex with you. You would understand why they call him tank when you could feel his big cock inside your ass and when he just began to fuck you hard using all his power and naked muscle to satisfy your wishes for a perfect fuck. A Click on the images will offer you a more detailed view of this naked hunk


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